The freshwater wetlands and estuaries of the Sunshine Coast provide vital habitat to foraging, breeding, and overwintering waterfowl. These vital habitats are now threatened by rapid human population growth in one of the fastest growing regions in BC. Wetlands are being drained and destroyed to make way for human activity, particularly in coastal lowlands and around the region’s freshwater lakes and estuaries. Remaining wetlands are often degraded, heavily impacted, and lack habitat features needed to sustain species at risk. As development intensifies, action is urgently needed to conserve and restore these essential habitats.

How We are Helping Waterfowl

  • Conducting point count surveys to assess species distribution and relative abundance
  • Identifying important sites for conservation priority birds (Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture priority species)
  • Working with private landowners and community stakeholders to conserve, restore, and enhance wetland and shoreline habitats
  • Identifying opportunities for habitat conservation and enhancement, including permanent habitat retention, hydrological restoration through the creation of additional wetlands, and ecological restoration through such activities as vegetation control, invasive species management, native planting
  • Building, installing, and monitoring nest boxes for cavity-nesting ducks (Wood Duck, Hooded & Common Merganser, Bufflehead, Common & Barrows Goldeneye)

You Can Help

  • Report waterfowl nests
  • Install nest boxes for cavity-nesting ducks
  • Join our free Wildlife Stewardship Program and conserve and enhance habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife on your property

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