We are a small group of biologists working with the Sunshine Coast community to conserve, restore, and enhance wildlife habitat, and ensure the survival of species at risk. Our activities include wildlife research, habitat enhancement, and community engagement. Learn more about our team.

Helping Wildlife

To maximize conservation impact, we focus on species at risk. We work with a diversity of wildlife species, from owls and goshawks, to turtles, frogs, and snakes, to swallows and bats. Learn more about the species we work with and how we are helping.

Improving Habitat

To increase habitat quality and quantity on the Sunshine Coast, we are working with community partners to increase habitat quantity and quality through such activities as wetland creation, shoreline naturalization, building turtle nesting beaches, and installing homes for wildlife. Learn More

Latest News

Working with Land Owners

We work with landowners to help them improve habitat and institute wildlife-friendly practices on their land. by providing resources and support. Learn more about how to participate in our free Wildlife Stewardship Program.

Working with Youth

We work with Sunshine Coast elementary and high school students and youth groups to improve habitat for wildlife through shoreline improvement projects and building and installing Homes for Wildlife. Learn more about programs for youth.