The Sunshine Coast is blessed with abundant shorelines!  We all delight in exploring and appreciating these magical spots where land and water meet along the shores of our region’s plentiful lakes, creeks, streams, wetlands and Pacific coastlines. Those of us living or spending time near shorelines are vital caretakers for some of the most biologically productive, and ecologically important habitats on the Sunshine Coast.  We can help improve shoreline habitat by removing invasive weeds and garbage, planting native vegetation, and diversifying habitat structure.  By enhancing shorelines, we can help improve habitat for diverse fish and wildlife species, prevent erosion, improve water quality, and maintain the overall health of both freshwater and marine ecosystems.

How we are Helping to Improve Shorelines

We are pleased to assist landowners, land stewards and local and regional governments in naturalizing shorelines by providing technical and financial assistance, including consultation, planning, development of site plans, purchasing of native plants and materials, and provision of tools, materials, and labour.  With the help of many wonderful community volunteers, we are improving degraded shoreline sites, including both private and public properties, by cleaning shorelines, removing invasive weeds, planting native vegetation, and installing wildlife habitat structural features.  Enhancement sites included shores of wetlands, creeks, estuaries, and oceanfront properties.


You Can Help!

  • Please contact us to nominate a shoreline enhancement site
  • Participate in a shoreline naturalization work party
  • Practice environmentally-sound shoreline living

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