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Wetland Assessment

The Sunshine Coast is recognized for its precious freshwater ecosystems. Sparkling rivers, lakes and ponds, salmon streams, verdant marshes and swamps, and rich estuaries flowing into the Strait of Georgia provide essential habitat for native fish and wildlife species.

Effective conservation of these valuable ecosystems is limited by a lack of knowledge about local wetlands. Many wetlands have yet to be mapped, and where mapping has been done, wildlife surveys have not been included. The recent Sunshine Coast Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory covers coastal areas but omits upland ecosystems. Furthermore, no systematic analyses have assessed the ecological importance, threats, and health of local wetlands and prioritized conservation hotspots.

We are working to identify and prioritize wetland habitats on the Sunshine Coast by undertaking field surveys to assess, map, and classify wetlands. The majority of field surveys are occurring at higher elevation areas because many previous surveys were restricted to coastal sites. Even sites previously surveyed may require return visits to assess threats and ecosystem health.

We are building a database of Sunshine Coast wetlands, including entries for type, size, ecological importance, threats, risk levels, and health. A meta-analysis will be conducted to prioritize the sites and identify wetlands of greatest value and at highest risk, as well as those wetlands most in need of restoration. Local climate change projections will also be incorporated into the analysis.

Please click here to view photos of our wetland survey activities.

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