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Threat Mitigation



Native wildlife on the Sunshine Coast face many threats, including:

  • Habitat loss and fragmentation
  • Habitat degradation
  • Mortality on roads
  • Human disturbance, removal, and persecution
  • Environmental contamination
  • Invasive species
  • Predators



To address these threats, our threat mitigation activities include:

  • Working with landowners, government and community groups to conserve and enhance habitat and promote best practices for wildlife stewardship
  • Installing turtle crossing signs to raise awareness among drivers
  • Building new turtle nesting beaches to intercept nest-seeking females before they enter roadways
  • Installing predator exclusion fencing and nest exclosures to reduce turtle nest predation
  • Installing fencing to keep people off of sensitive turtle nesting grounds
  • Monitoring invasive species and developing invasive species response plans


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