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Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy

The Wildlife Project is pleased to be working with other organizations on the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy Project.  This initiative, led by the Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society, aims to assess the current status of biodiversity on the Sunshine Coast, engage residents in biodiversity conservation, and develop a regional biodiversity conservation strategy.

Activities will include:

  • ASSESSMENT: Bringing together existing information and conduct new mapping, inventories and assessments of sensitive ecosystems to assess the current status of biodiversity, evaluate threats, and identify high priority areas for conservation and restoration.
  • OUTREACH: Carrying out diverse public outreach activities to educate, encourage and provide capacity for community members to assist with biodiversity conservation.
  • BIODIVERSITY SUMMIT & FRAMEWORK: Bringing together scientists, land managers, and local stakeholders at a 3-day Biodiversity Summit to exchange knowledge and develop a biodiversity conservation framework with common objectives, coordinated strategies and effective measures to conserve, enhance and monitor biodiversity in the region.

In the long-term, this project will increase the capacity of our community to undertake sound stewardship of biodiversity and ensure that the Sunshine Coast maintains a connected, biologically diverse network of habitats, healthy, resilient ecosystems and ecosystem services.

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