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Wildlife Walks

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During the summer, we offer guided walks to introduce community members to the endangered species and sensitive habitats of the Sunshine Coast and to show residents some of our research activities.

Children's Programs

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We enjoy teaching kids about local animals species and enabling kids to become actively involved in wildlife and habitat conservation and enhancement activities on the Sunshine Coast.

Nature School - We provide special sessions about wildlife for local classes participating in the wonderful Iris Griffith Centre Nature School Program.

Volunteer Program - Kids are welcome to participate in our volunteer program and help us monitor populations of threatened wildlife and create and enhance wildlife habitat.

Contests - We offer special wildlife art and photography contests, specially for kids!

Interpretive Displays

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Our interpretive signs about endangered Western Painted Turtles can be seen at various public locations around the Sunshine Coast.

Stay tuned in 2012 for new public interpretive signs about amphibian species at risk!

Turtle Video

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