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Landowner Stewardship Program

Landowners watching turtle lay her eggs

Private landowners are essential to the recovery of species at risk on the Sunshine Coast.  Landowners can easily help conserve threatened species by maintaining and restoring wildlife habitat and implementing wildlife-friendly activities on their land.  It is relatively simple to conserve wildlife habitat without impacting human activities on private property. Wildlife and humans can easily coexist!

Joining our stewardship program is easy and fun!  By joining our stewardship program, you can feel good about your wonderful positive contribution to preservation of wildlife on the Sunshine Coast.  You many have the opportunity to spend many hours watching wildlife.  You will also enjoy many program incentives, including annual barbecue, comprehensive stewardship guides, wildlife T-shirts, and other goodies!

We have landowner stewardship programs for Painted turtle, Amphibians, Bats, Bees and Coastal Douglas Fir (CDF) Zone :



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